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KPTV/27, Portland OR


The very first UHF television station was KPTV, channel 27. Its construction permit was issued in the first batch of same post-freeze (July 9, 1952) and it went on the air a quick two months later (September 18, 1952). Although it was a success, it nonetheless lasted less than four years, the victim of a new owner who wanted it only for its call letters and network affiliation.

As the first UHF station to begin operations, much was written about channel 27 during its brief life. Rather than retell this already well-documented story, we instead present links to all of the articles written during KPTV's history and images of station identification slides, trade publication ads, etc.

Articles from Broadcasting Magazine (courtesy World Radio History website):

Station ID slides (click thumbnails to view larger):

Ads in Broadcasting targeted at advertising time buyers:

Bonus article on how NBC was indirectly responsible for KPTV's demise on UHF, and how Storer tried to fight back

Additional articles/clippings:

"Fog Over Portland"
(1953 promotional film about UHF produced by Zenith Radio Corp.)

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