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UHF Through The Image Orthicon Tube:
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PLEASE NOTE: The Galleries were completely lost when the site was shut down by our previous hosting provider in early 2021. It is presently under reconstruction, and we cannot guarantee all of the missing images will be recovered.

In researching the History of UHF Television website, we ran across a lot of images. (And we mean a lot of images.) We found station logos, ID slides, and test patterns ... print advertising in local newspapers and in industry publications ... and photos of station buildings, studios, and equipment. We found many more images than we would ever use as illustrations for articles and we found images for stations which we don't know enough about to be able to write articles for.

Since we weren't about to just toss all those images aside, we've included these galleries, where all these images are made available for your viewing pleasure. And no end of the broadcast day sign off, either ... these are here 24/7.

The galleries are organized based on the quantity of what is available. If we located enough images for any specific station, that station has its own gallery, listed in the menu below in alphabetical order by call letters. Everything else (and there isn't much) is in the "miscellaneous" gallery. Since we don't believe in simulcasts, any images which were used to illustrate articles for a station are not duplicated here. (Besides, you were going to read the articles anyway, weren't you?)

The vast majority of newspaper-based images would not be here if it weren't for the diligent and thorough efforts of our researcher Maureen Carney, who found newspaper articles and ads which we would never have found just using Google search. The reason we do not have newspaper article clippings in the Galleries is because Maureen has to pay for access to archives such as Newspapers.com and while we certainly can use clippings for article research we feel it would be "stealing" to post those here. (Station advertising, even if from one of those newspapers, we believe to be fair game, and we're pretty sure that no one is going to take legal action if we include low-resolution photos from newspapers.) Anyway, that's the policy: We're sorry if you disagree.

This section is still "under construction" (and will be for some time). You will get a 404 error page on any of the links below until we get those stations' images edited and organized ... please do not send us e-mail when that happens! We literally have hundreds of images to continue sorting through, creating more galleries and adding new gallery pages. Please consider this section a "work in progress" and check back from time to time for new content.

In the meantime, we have included links in many of the station articles to external sites on those stations. Many of them also include photographs and newspaper ads of the subject stations.



(Photo of image orthicon camera courtesy Chalk Hill Media's Virtual Museum.)

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