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Channels 26 to 44

Note: If you have not previously read the introduction to these pages, we suggest you do so before proceeding.

  • Educational UHF outlets are preceded with an asterisk (*).
  • Stations which made it on the air, only to go dark after an initial period of operation, have the dates of their operation noted in parentheses following their call letters and city of license (although in some cases we could only reliably confirm a partial date on which a station went dark); in some cases the notes will give dates of a dark station's return to operating status. If a station used more than one set of call letters before going dark, all call letters it used on the air are listed. Wherever possible, the date in our list is the one that has been confirmed as the program start date, rather than that of airing first test patterns.
  • Stations which changed channels have a "►" symbol following their original air dates with the later channel number, with additional notes added where needed. (If no accompanying entry appears for a station at its new channel number, it can be presumed that the station remained on the air at its new frequency without any "dark" periods.)
  • If a station was issued a construction permit but never made it on the air it is followed by the notation (CP) followed by the year of the CP's issuance. Stations with no date notation following their listing are presently operating and appear in the list in order to provide a note or link. In some cases, explanatory information is provided within the content of an article about a related station.
  • Stations that returned to the air from going dark and remained on the air beyond 1982 have the notation "§" following the year of return, although there may have been subsequent call letter changes.
  • Some station listings include links, to a gallery or an article on this site for that station, or to an external site with additional information about that station. This includes the handful of stations that are in our list but still on the air, for which the FCC makes available the history cards listing all applications and actions up until 1980, when their recordkeeping went digital. The icons signifying these links are:
    • - Article on the UHF History site
    • - External site link
    • - Gallery on the UHF History site
    • - Link to FCC History Cards
    • - Wikipedia entry
  • There are also links within station notes to articles which are not directly about that station but which do contain information about it.
  • The fourth page in this section concerns the FCC's attempts between 1957 and 1970 to determine which outstanding construction permits were not likely to ever be built and "purge" them by deletion or by encouraging the CP holder to surrender same. Any station whose CP was ever in one of these periodic inquiries has the text link "see Notes" within its listing. Clicking on this link will open a separate tab or window with the notes page; keeping that tab or window open while on these pages will cause a "jump" on that page to subsequent clicks from the listings pages, if applicable. We have formatted these links in that way so that the viewer will not lose his or her place in the main listings when reading notes on the fourth page.

WVNA-TV, Florence AL (CP '67)-
KPRT, San Francisco CA (CP '56)-
KDEN, Denver CO (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 1/11/54, following the sale of co-owned KCTY/25 Kansas City MO to DuMont.
WNLC-TV, New London CT (CP '52)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
WEHS-TV, Chicago IL (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
WCBC-TV, Anderson IN (1/28/58-3/20/59)-
◊ Originally proposed to relicense facilities of WBKZ-TV/64 on channel 61. CP surrendered 2/28/56, reinstated on new application 3/16/56, reapplied for channel 26 after allocation approved 11/7/56.
WJRE, Indianapolis IN (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 5/3/54.
*WISU-TV, Terre Haute IN (CP '80)-
WCKG, New Orleans LA (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WWOM-TV, New Orleans LA (10/16/67-3/9/72)-
◊ Purchased by WGNO-TV/38 and continued operation under those call letters. §
*WUOM-TV, Ann Arbor MI (CP '53)-
WTOB-TV, Winston-Salem NC (10/1/53-5/11/57)-
◊ Merged with WNAO-TV/28 and received grant for channel 8 (surrendered CP 10/24/62 as condition of grant), on-air as WGHP-TV 10/14/63.
WSWO-TV, Springfield OH (7/24/68-6/22/70)-
◊ Resumed operation briefly in 1972, exact dates unknown.
WRAK-TV, Williamsport PA (CP '52)-
◊ Originally issued on channel 36, reallocated channel 26 as part of reorganization of the Harrisburg market. See note under WHP-TV/55.
WTSK-TV/WTVK, Knoxville TN (10/18/53-12/8/88 ►8)-

KFMX-TV, San Diego CA (CP '58)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
KCOK-TV/KVVG, Tulare CA (11/16/53-8/6/57)
KCOK-TV, Tulare CA (CP '61)-
◊ Separate from the previous channel 27 CP, but same original owner. Deleted in the 1965 allocation table revision (see Notes).
WSTF, Stamford CT (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WMIE-TV, Miami FL (CP '53)-
◊ CP used to license WGBS/23.
WHKP-TV, Hendersonville NC (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 11/5/53.
WRNY-TV, Rochester NY (CP '53)-
KPTV, Portland OR (9/18/52-4/30/57)-
◊ First UHF on the air, using the transmitter and antenna from RCA's experimental KC2AX Bridgeport CT; the new owner of KLOR-TV/12 simultaneously purchased KPTV and moved the call letters and programming to channel 12, surrendering the channel 27 license.
KHTV, Portland OR (7/6/59-11/1/59)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1965 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WCMB-TV, Harrisburg PA (9/8/54-4/10/57)
◊ Subsequently swapped channels with WTPA-TV/71, which moved 6/1/57. See note under WTPA-TV. §
KLIF-TV, Dallas TX (CP '67)-
◊ Issued to the same owner (radio legend Gordon McLendon) as previous 1953 CP on channel 29 with same call letters.
WTOV-TV, Norfolk VA (12/7/53-10/3/54, 5/25/55-10/30/59)-
◊ Merged with WVEC-TV/15 when that station moved to channel 13. See notes under that station.
WROV-TV, Roanoke VA (2/15/53-7/18/53)
◊ First UHF to go dark. See Broadcasting article. Facilities relicensed 10/1/61 as WYAH-TV.
WRFT-TV, Roanoke VA (3/4/66-4/30/74)-
KDWN-TV, Cheyenne WY (CP '66)-
◊ Deleted in the 1969 Purge. See Notes.

*KTHE, Los Angeles CA (11/29/53-9/10/54)
◊ First non-commercial educational UHF and first non-commercial educational to go dark on either band. Twentieth UHF to go dark.
KICU, Salinas CA (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 1/12/54.
WMJA, Panama City FL (CP '82)-
WTSS-TV, Tampa FL (CP '66)-
WDAK-TV/WTVM, Columbus GA (10/6/53-2/15/60 ►9)
WAFB-TV Baton Rouge LA (2/15/53-8/8/60 ►9)
WTEV-TV, New Bedford MA (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 8/5/54.
WCTV, Flint MI (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 11/20/53.
WCBI-TV, Columbus MS (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 7/28/54 to apply for a VHF allocation; went on the air 5/4/56 on channel 4.
WNAO-TV, Raleigh NC (7/12/53-1/1/58)-
◊ Merged with WTOB-TV/26 and received grant for channel 8 (surrendered CP 10/24/62 as condition of grant), on-air as WGHP-TV 10/14/63.
*WGSF, Newark OH (3/18/63-5/31/70 ►31)
WBRE-TV, Wilkes-Barre PA
◊ Sixth UHF on the air (12/30/52).

WMRI-TV, Marion IN (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 1/28/54.
WDXR-TV, Paducah KY (5/31/71-10/22/75)
◊ Subsequently donated license to Kentucky Educational Television; resumed operation as *WKPD 4/17/78. §
KIKS-TV, Lake Charles LA (CP '65)-
◊ Surrendered in 1973 when parent radio station was sold. See article on WELI-TV for additional details.
WGTC-TV, St. Paul MN (CP '66)-
◊ Deleted in the 1970 Purge. See Notes.
WNYT-TV, Buffalo NY (CP '55) -
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WCDB, Hagaman NY (4/2/56-12/1/57)
◊ Satellite of WCDA-TV/41 Albany; went dark when that station moved to channel 10.
WTLC, Canton OH (CP '56)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
KVMP, Tulsa OK (CP '67)-
◊ Surrendered 7/19/74. See article on WELI-TV for details.
WIP-TV, Philadelphia PA (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 6/4/54.
WSES, Philadelphia PA (CP '56)-
◊ First station authorized for subscription television; deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
*WTIE-TV, State College PA (CP '72)-
KLIF-TV, Dallas TX (CP '53)-
◊ Refiled for channel 27 in 1967 with same call letters.
KAEI, Dallas TX (CP '62)-
KXYZ-TV, Houston TX (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
KBRT, San Antonio TX (CP '66)-
WINA-TV, Charlottesville VA (CP '65)-
WOTV, Richmond VA (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted in the 1957 Purge. See Notes.

KHOF-TV, San Bernardino CA (10/12/69-5/23/83)
◊ Subsequently operated on an interim non-profit basis as KAGL from 1985 to 1992, exact dates unknown. See article for details.
WQIK-TV, Jacksonville FL (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered following the 1957 Purge. See Notes.
WDUV-TV, Jacksonville FL (CP '65)-
KFUO-TV, Clayton MO (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 1/17/56.
WCOC-TV, Meridian MS (1/1/54-8/1/54)-
◊ Tied for seventeenth UHF to go dark (WKAB-TV/48 Mobile AL went dark same day). Survived the both the 1957 and 1965 Purges, subsequently received two CP extensions; after the second extension, the CP was cancelled, then reinstated in 1971 only to be cancelled again after a review board hearing.
WRLO, Portsmouth OH (5/14/66-?/??/69)-
WITA-TV, San Juan PR (6/24/66-6/30/67)-
◊ Changed calls to WUHT-TV in 1970 (and applied for satellites WUHP-TV/20 and WUHM-TV/22), but remained dark and never constructed the satellites.
WMTU-TV, Memphis TN (CP '66)-
WKTO-TV, Nashville TN (CP '66)-
◊ CP cancelled and reinstated twice before being surrendered 3/17/71.
WFOX-TV, Milwaukee WI (CP '55)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
WMKE-TV, Milwaukee WI (CP '68)-

KTVJ, Stockton CA (CP '67)-
KTOV-TV, Denver CO (CP '67)-
◊ Granted several CP extensions beginning in 1968. Expired unbuilt in 1973, reinstated the following year, then deleted two months later. See Notes.
WPCT, Melbourne FL (CP '66)-
◊ Deleted in the 1969 Purge. See Notes.
WTAF, Marion IN (10/1/62-3/14/69)-
WDCL, Owensboro KY (CP '66)-
WRLH, Lebanon NH (7/26/66-8/23/68, 8/3/71-?/??/76)-
WUHF, New York NY (11/29/61-10/31/62)
◊ Experimental FCC station operated by the City of New York, duplicating programming from NYC VHF stations during test hours, with municipal/educational programming the rest of day. At the conclusion of the experiment, the FCC donated the antenna and RCA sold the transmitter at a discount to the city and it continued operation, relicensed as *WNYC-TV (the City had held a CP for channel 31 with those call letters since 1954 which had been targeted for deletion in the 1960 purge but was removed from that list when the experiment was proposed). §
WPYH, Rochester NY (CP '68)-
WEOL-TV, Elyria OH (CP '54)-
◊ Surrendered 3/26/60. See Notes.
*WGSF, Newark OH (6/18/70-6/30/76)-
◊ Replaced by translator W31AA retransmitting WOSU-TV Columbus OH, from which WGSF originally received its PBS feed. It resumed operations on Newark Cable TV's channel 19 in 1977, largely by time-shifting WOSU-TV's classroom-oriented programming.
KBMT, Beaumont TX (5/9/54-8/1/56)
◊ Resumed operation 7/18/61 on channel 12.
KVTX, Victoria TX (CP '81)-
KTRX, Kennewick WA (1/28/58-11/5/58)-
◊ Surrendered 4/1/60.
WMIL-TV Milwaukee WI (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 12/14/53.

WCCB-TV, Montgomery AL (3/24/62-2/15/63)
◊ Resumed operation 3/12/64 as WKAB-TV. §
KSAN-TV/KNEW-TV, San Francisco CA (3/15/54-6/21/58, 2/19/66-3/22/68, 7/1/68-4/15/71)-
◊ See article on KQEC for details of this station's history.
*KQEC, San Francisco CA (6/28/71-9/2/72, 1/2/77-11/5/79, 5/29/80-8/30/91)
*WETX, Washington DC (CP '66)-
WPGT, Clearwater FL (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 2/28/56.
WFTV, Clearwater FL (CP '60)-
WTLE, Evanston IL (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WCNO-TV, New Orleans LA (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 3/18/55.
WWEZ-TV, New Orleans LA (CP '56)-
WRLP, Greenfield MA (6/1/57-4/9/78)
WBPZ-TV, Lock Haven PA (3/1/58-9/4/59)-
◊ Subsequently proposed (4/27/60) to resume operations as a satellite of WDAU-TV/22 Scranton with WDAU-TV leasing the WBPZ-TV facilities (rejected by FCC). Deleted in the 1965 Purge. See Notes.
KWKC-TV, Abilene TX (CP '66)-
KTVE, Longview TX (10/25/53-12/25/55)

KGPA-TV, Phoenix AZ (CP '66)-
WMFL, Miami FL (CP '53)-
◊ Acquired WEAT-TV/12 West Palm Beach 5/16/57 and surrendered channel 33 CP.
WGMF-TV, Miami (CP '64)-
◊ Surrendered 3/7/66.
WGCT, Miami FL (CP '67)-
WCHU, Champaign IL (4/23/59-8/14/67)
◊ Merged with WICD and moved to channel 15 under those call letters, surrendering the channel 33 license. §
WKST-TV, New Castle PA (11/29/59-12/23/63)
◊ Changed call letters and city of license to WYTV Youngstown OH and continued operation. (Also see notes under channel 45 under these call letters and WXTV.) §
WEEU-TV, Reading PA (4/15/53-6/30/55)
KMEC-TV/KBFI-TV/KXTX, Dallas TX (10/1/67-10/25/68, 2/21/72-12/16/72, 4/16/73-12/20/73)
◊ Purchased KDTV/39 and moved there. §
WACH-TV, Newport News VA (10/6/53-3/26/54, 8/1/54-7/1/55)-
◊ Deleted in the 1965 Purge. See Notes.
WNTU-TV, Norfolk VA (CP '66)-
WMTV, Madison WI (7/8/53-4/5/61 ►15)

KMYR, Los Angeles CA (CP '59)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
KMER, Merced CA (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 5/20/54.
WSBT-TV, South Bend IN (12/22/52-7/28/58 ►22)
◊ One of the two longest-operating UHFs (the other is WSBA-TV/43 York PA, which began operation the same day). Had originally filed 12/9/47 for channel 13, then amended application 8/8/51 to channel 34. Move to channel 22 was part of the consolidation of all South Bend-Elkhart stations to a more contiguous lower channel range.
KSLN-TV, Salina KS (12/2/62-4/23/63, 8/1/64-11/1/65)-
WHLS-TV, Port Huron MI (CP '56)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
WTVX, Goldsboro NC (CP '53)-
◊ After CP was surrendered (6/3/54), the WTVX call letters were assigned to a new CP for channel 48 in Gastonia NC (about 70 miles away); despite the relative geographic closeness they were not the same station.
WILK-TV, Wilkes-Barre PA (9/16/53-7/1/58)
◊ Merged 2/12/58 with WARM-TV into WNEP-TV/16. Continued to operate as a satellite until 7/1/58.
KKBC-TV/KMXN-TV, Lubbock TX (10/20/67-7/21/70, 10/24/70-12/31/72)-
KANG-TV, Waco TX (11/1/53-12/13/55)
◊ Merged with KWTX-TV/10.
KFIZ-TV, Fond du Lac WI (9/16/68-11/30/72)

WSWB-TV, Orlando FL (3/31/74-9/30/76)
◊ Resumed operation 10/15/79 as WOFL. §
WTVM, Muskegon MI (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 9/2/55.
WTRI, Albany NY (2/28/54-1/31/55, 6/15/56-1/1/59)
◊ Moved to channel 13 as WAST-TV (authorization was to "expire automatically upon commencement of regular operations by a permittee so authorized" but subsequently applied for and was granted new license for channel 13); move was delayed by more than a year after the STA issuance because of difficulties in WKTV/13's finding a site for their new channel 2 facilities. Was granted a STA for continued dual operation on channel 35 until 3/30/59.
WIMA-TV, Lima OH (CP '52)
◊ Purchased by WLOK-TV/73, which then continued operation on channel 35 using the WIMA-TV call letters. §
*WHYY-TV/*WUHY-TV, Philadelphia PA (9/16/57-8/??/76)
◊ WHYY-TV moved to channel 12 in Wilmington DE 3/6/63, after petitioning for that allocation to be made non-commercial when WVUE went dark in 1958; the channel 35 facilities were then relicensed as WUHY-TV, which continued operation until 1976.
KALA, San Antonio TX (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 6/7/55.
WRTU-TV, Richmond VA (CP '67)-
◊ Deleted in the 1969 Purge. See Notes.
WJPB-TV, Fairmont WV (3/17/54-2/28/55)
◊ Resumed operation on channel 35 sporadically through the fall of 1955, then resumed operation 6/22/60 on channel 5 in Weston WV under a new CP.

KGTO-TV, Fayetteville AR (2/8/69-12/23/73)
KTVU, Stockton CA (12/18/53-4/30/55)-
◊ See article on KCCC-TV for details of this station's operation.
WJHP-TV, Jacksonville FL (12/13/53-10/25/57)-
◊ Attempted unsuccessfully to renew its license in 1958.
WQXI-TV/WATL-TV, Atlanta GA (12/18/54-5/31/55, 8/16/69-3/31/71)
◊ Resumed operation July 5, 1976. §
KDIO, Davenport IA (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 11/18/53.
KCTV, Sioux City IA (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 1/7/55.
WMAY-TV, Springfield IL (CP '56)-
◊ Was permittee on channel 2 when deintermixture proceedings began; reallocated channel 36 8/27/57. Surrendered 10/8/59.
*WISU-TV, Terre Haute IN (CP '65)-
◊ Expired after the initial term in 1965; reapplied on channel 26 and was granted 10/2/80, subsequently deleted 10/28/87.
WNOH-TV, Northampton MA (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 9/18/53.
WKMI-TV, Kalamazoo MI (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 8/12/53 after receiving one of the first "McFarland letters". See Notes.
KSTM-TV, St. Louis MO (10/25/53-8/4/54)
◊ Nineteenth UHF to go dark. Filed the petition which began deintermixture proceedings (proposing to replace two VHF allocations which had seven applicants pending between them with four additional UHF allocations) 10/15/53. Facilities then purchased by WTVI/54 Belleville IL (see following entry).
KTVI, St. Louis MO (4/9/55-3/20/57 ►2)
◊ After KSTM-TV went dark, WTVI/54 Belleville IL purchased its facilities and moved to channel 36 as KTVI St. Louis MO. It then moved to channel 2 under Special Temporary Authority and resumed operation 4/15/57; the allocation was made permanent 8/27/62 after the deintermixture proceedings. See article linked with KSTM-TV for additional information.
WAYS-TV/WQMC/WUTV/WCCB-TV, Charlotte NC (1/5/54-3/15/55, 9/5/61-5/16/63, 11/1/64-11/1/66 ►18)
WTVG, Mansfield OH (CP '54)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.

WGOV-TV, Valdosta GA (CP '53)-
◊ See the article Why Is There No Channel 37? for details.

KMTR, San Francisco CA (CP '58)-
KUDO/KVOF-TV, San Francisco CA (12/28/68-4/15/71, 8/4/74-12/30/85)-
◊ See article on KHOF-TV for details of this station's history.
WKME-TV, Seaford DE (CP '80)-
WSUN-TV, St. Petersburg FL (5/31/53-2/23/70)
WGNO-TV, New Orleans LA (CP '69)-
◊ Purchased WWOM-TV/26, moved call letters there, and surrendered the channel 38 CP.
WXEL, Boston MA (CP '55)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
WFTV, Duluth MN (6/7/53-7/11/54)
◊ Thirteenth UHF to go dark. Proposed to be deleted in the 1957 Purge; surrendered CP in July 1958. See Notes.
WMRF-TV, Lewiston MN (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 3/3/54.
WKOK-TV Sunbury PA (CP '55)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
*KWTT, Tyler TX (CP '70)-
WTLB, La Crosse WI (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 3/24/55.

KBFL, Bakersfield CA (CP '58)-
◊ Requested extension because of deintermixture proceedings, surrendered CP 9/23/60 before hearing on application.
KAAR, San Diego CA (11/14/65-6/12/67)
◊ Resumed operation 2/2/68 as KCST. §
WTML, Miami FL (CP '66)-
◊ Deleted in the 1968 purge, reinstated in 1971 and subsequently expired, unbuilt. See Notes.
WTVO, Rockford IL (4/29/53-1/18/67 ►17)-
KUZN-TV/KYAY-TV, West Monroe LA (8/9/67-1/12/68, 8/31/70-8/16/71)
◊ Resumed operation 10/6/74 as KLAA on channel 14. §
WQCY, Allentown PA (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes. Same owners granted CP 1/15/69 for WKAP-TV on channel 60.
WSHA, Sharon PA (CP '54)-
◊ First television CP ever revoked for cause by the FCC; the permittee, Leonard J. Shafitz, misrepresented his financial condition when he applied and refused to provide information during subsequent FCC inquiries. Although he surrendered the permit in response to a show cause order of 10/27/54, it was not deleted until 8/13/55; Shafitz's brother Sanford attempted to file in April 1955 for the same channel and transmitter site but was rejected because the CP had not yet been officially deleted (he was later half-owner of the permittee for WXTV Youngstown OH).
KDTV, Dallas TX (2/5/68-12/20/73)-
◊ See note under KXTX/33 Dallas.
KNUZ-TV, Houston TX (10/22/53-6/25/54)
◊ Resumed operation 1/6/67 as KHTV. §

KCCC-TV, Sacramento CA (9/30/53-5/31/57)
KVUE, Sacramento CA (11/1/59-3/21/60)-
◊ See article on KCCC-TV for details of this station's operation.
WHRN, Dover DE (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 11/10/54.
WNFA-TV, Tallahassee FL (CP '67)-
KHTV, Baton Rouge LA (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 2/24/54.
WCNS, Baton Rouge LA (CP '56)-
*KUCU-TV, St, Louis MO (CP '80)-
WWHO-TV, Jackson MS (CP '67)-
WCCT, Fayetteville NC (CP '67)-
◊ Deleted in the 1968 Purge. See Notes.
*WEDB, Berlin NH (4/30/69-?/??/81)
WQHO, Greensburg PA (CP '72)-
WAIM-TV, Anderson SC -
◊ Off-air for one day (5/27/56) to protest WSPA-TV/7 Spartanburg SC beginning operation (See Broadcasting article for background).
WRJK-TV, Bluefield VA (CP '81)-

WWWU-TV, Battle Creek MI (CP '67)-
◊ Deleted 9/4/69.
WTTM-TV, Trenton NJ (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 5/20/54.
WROW-TV/WCDA-TV, Albany NY (10/19/53-12/1/57 ►10)
◊ Was granted a STA for continued dual operation on channel 41 until 1/15/58 (later extended to 11/15/61). Changed calls to WTEN concurrent with move to channel 10 (satellite retained WCDA-TV call letters). Authorization was to "expire automatically upon commencement of regular operations by a permittee so authorized" but later received CP for channel 10 and was licensed on that channel 9/18/62.
KWID-TV, Tulsa OK (CP '67)
◊ Surrendered during the 1968 Purge. See Notes.
KTVR, Galveston TX (CP '52)-
◊ First UHF CP to be deleted for lack of prosecution (10/15/53) after receiving one of the first "McFarland letters". See Notes.

WSGN-TV, Birmingham AL (CP '52)-
◊ Surrendered 4/30/54.
KCFT-TV, Concord CA (3/3/66-9/20/66)-
KTKA, Topeka KS (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 11/15/54.
WHFB-TV, Benton Harbor MI (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 3/3/54.
WIL-TV, St. Louis MO (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 11/10/55.
KAKS-TV, Omaha NE (CP '66)-
◊ Revoked 5/10/67; reinstated 8/9/1967, subsequently expired.
WLEC-TV, Sandusky OH (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 8/25/53.
KHFI-TV, Austin TX (2/12/65-1/15/73 ►36)
◊ Originally applied for channel 67. Continued operation as KTVV. §
KLPH-TV, Paris TX (CP '82)-
WNAM-TV, Neenah WI (2/1/54-1/2/55)-
Purchased WFRV-TV/5 Oshkosh and surrendered the channel 42 CP 3/10/55.

KAKI-TV, Visalia CA (CP '54)-
◊ Unsuccessfully requested change of allocation to Fresno 4/8/55; surrendered 5/4/56.
KICU-TV, Visalia CA (12/23/61-10/18/68)-
◊ See article on KQEC for details of this station's history.
WICC-TV, Bridgeport CT (4/1/53-8/12/59, 11/7/59-12/8/60)
◊ Deleted in the 1965 Purge; reinstated the following year (see Notes), then surrendered in 1971.
WGNH, Bloomington IL (CP '66)-
WEEK-TV, Peoria IL (1/29/53-3/28/66 ►25)-
◊ Previously held a pre-freeze CP for channel 12, which was surrendered due to "extenuating circumstances" 5/4/49. The CP for channel 43 was considered a regrant. Also see note under WIRL-TV/25.
WACH-TV, Richmond IN (CP '67)-
WTLK, Paducah KY (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted 5/19/54.
KFAZ-TV, Monroe LA (8/24/53-5/1/54)
◊ Tenth UHF to go dark. Successfully petitioned in April 1954 for channel 13 to be allocated, then was denied automatic move to that channel; deleted 12/6/54.
*WHTV, Syracuse NY (CP '52)-
◊ Eventually began operation 12/20/65 as *WCNY-TV on channel 24.
WFWY, Syracuse NY (CP '67)-
◊ Was cancelled twice (7/15/1969, reinstated 1/30/1970 and 3/25/1977, reinstated 1/12/1978) before sixth request to replace expired CP was denied 12/12/86.
◊ One of the two longest-operating UHFs (the other is WSBT-TV/22 South Bend IN, which began operation the same day, 11/22/52).
WTVT, Chattanooga TN (CP '52)-
◊ Deleted 3/29/54.
KTLG, Corpus Christi TX (CP '53)-
◊ Surrendered 2/2/55.
KBAS-TV, Ephrata WA (2/15/57-12/1/57 ►16)-
◊ Satellite of KIMA-TV/29 Yakima.
WTMB-TV, Tomah WI (CP '80)-

WNAL, Gadsden AL (CP '79)-
WOPT, Chicago IL (CP '54)-
◊ Deleted prior to the 1960 Purge for non-response. See Notes.
WSCS, Evansville IN (CP '67)-
WJDW, Boston MA (CP '53)-
◊ Deleted in the 1960 Purge. See Notes.
KWIH, Winona MN (7/31/71-?/??/72)-

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